Can Keto Cause Acne

Introduction The Keto diet is well known for being a great tool to lose weight, stabilize your blood sugar and get rid of mental fog.  But what kind of side effects does this diet have?  Can Keto cause acne?  The short answer is, yes, some people experience a breakout of acne on the Keto diet.  … Read more

Is Ghee Keto

Introduction With the plethora of fats and oils available to you on Keto there’s one that may have completely slipped your noticed.  Ghee is a Keto-friendly fat that contains only trace amounts of carbohydrates.  The following article will explain what ghee is, how to best fit it into your Keto as well as why you … Read more

Keto Jam Substitute

Introduction It can be easy to tell from a glance which foods are Keto-friendly.  Avocados are in and bread is out.  But it isn’t that easy for all foods, and some may be such an ingrained part of our routine that we don’t think twice about how many carbs they contain. If you’re used to … Read more

Is Asparagus Keto?

Introduction One of the biggest questions that people considering Keto ask is, “Can I eat that?”  Some foods such as pasta and bread are obviously not allowed because of their high carb content, but what about vegetables such as asparagus?  The short answer is, yes, asparagus is Keto-friendly!  The following article will give you an … Read more

Are Apples Keto

Introduction The Keto diet is full of healthy fats and little to no carbohydrates but where does that leave your favorite healthy fruits?  Fruits are typically high in sugars which makes them high in carbohydrates as well.  If you enjoyed snacking on apples before beginning Keto you might be surprised to know that you should … Read more

Fat Bombs Before Bed

Introduction When you’re following a Keto diet you might find yourself having trouble meeting your fat macros and this has led to some people choosing to add in a snack known as a fat bomb or a Keto bomb.  But what is a fat bomb, and when is the best time to eat one?  The … Read more

Is Tea Keto

Introduction When you’re looking to begin the Keto diet, you might find yourself wondering what exactly you can eat and drink.  Sugary beverages like pop and juice are out so what does that leave you with?  Thankfully, tea is a healthy and Keto-friendly option for quenching your thirst.  The following article will guide you through … Read more

Keto Friendly Starbucks Drinks

Introduction Just because you’re following the Keto diet, that doesn’t mean that you have to give up every little treat and indulgence that you love. Starbucks is a perfect example of this.  It can be difficult to just “wing it” and walk in to a Starbucks hoping you made Keto-friendly choices so the preparation ahead … Read more