Are Keto Diets Healthy?

Are keto diets healthy? All the evidence right here

Keto diets have been gaining in popularity in the last few years, but the question still lingers in most people’s minds: are keto diets healthy? 

You have probably heard about it more than once from different perspectives. People tend to be really passionate about keto – whether they’re avid followers or they hate the diet – but what’s the REAL story here? It’s time to go deep into ketosis to figure it out.

In Short, the answer is YES: Keto Diets Are Healthy.

Keto diets are healthy as long as you take them seriously and stick to the plan, and if you make them healthy. The risks of ketogenic diets are very few and by no means greater than those of other famous diets in the market. In fact, keto could be a momentary diet or it can turn into a complete healthy lifestyle. You can combine it with other diets and become a vegan or vegetarian keto follower, as well!

But let’s take a deeper look at it. 

What is a Keto diet?

Let us take you on a little trip to the past before answering the original question: “are keto diets healthy?” 

Keto diets started as a food intake regime for kids suffering epilepsy. After a long study, experts came to the conclusion that reducing carbohydrates drastically helped reduce seizures as well. After applying it for a longer period of time, other benefits arose to the surface. These results transcended the goal intended in the first place as well as the medical orbit. More and more people kept learning about this amazing diet that could help them lose weight without bouncing back. The rest is dietary history.

So, a ketogenic diet is a food intake regime that reduces the amount of carbohydrates we eat. In replacement, fats form the bottom of the food pyramid. It is a diet that works against many of the preconceptions you might have from an early age. You will have to eat everything you have been avoiding for a long time and stop eating carbs. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How does a keto diet work?

The base of the food pyramid we all grew up with is made of carbohydrates. These carbs are the base of the pyramid because they are our body’s favorite fuel. This fuel we are talking about is called glucose. So, it is fair to say that our body runs on glucose. Although this is its favorite fuel, it is not the only fuel it can run on, and arguably not even the most efficient! The other fuel source we can use for our body is fats.

Let’s make it a little clearer. Let’s say that your body has two different systems: A and B. Let’s say A is a glucose-driven system and B is a fat-driven system. When we don’t consume carbs and deplete the reserves of them, our body flips the switch and we start running on fat.

Moreover, our body will start burning all the fat it can to turn it into ketone bodies and use those as fuel. Hence, if we balance our diet to spend more than we put in, we shall transform those annoying fat reservoirs into fuel. Our body becomes a fat-burning machine. This state is known as ketosis.

Let’s talk about ketosis

Those who have been into a keto diet or are in one get the question a lot: are keto diets healthy? It’s very common for people to see you eating what they have tried not to all their lives and wonder why it doesn’t affect your health. 

Well, the key about ketosis is that your body will be burning more fat than ever and hence, the entire fat intake turns into fuel. Fuel turns into actions and you can be even more active than before, eating things you never thought as healthy. As long as you stay away from carbs, ketosis (system B) will stay for good.

Fat burning

The attribute most people follow keto diets for is that it turns your body into a 24/7 fat-burning machine. Not only are keto diets healthy, but they are also recommended for those who intend to lower their fat reservoirs. Those annoying hard spots where fat is stored in our bodies will eventually be depleted. This doesn’t happen magically, but if you stick to keto and stay consistent, you’ll see these kinds of results! 

On top of that, Keto has some other incredible health benefits!

9 More Awesome Benefits Of The Keto Diet:

It Reduces Appetite

As we all know, some of the most difficult things about dieting are cravings and hunger. Most diets result in increased cravings and feeling hungrier all the time. The keto diet, on the other hand, actually reduces your appetite.

It Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have shown that cutting carbohydrates ingestion lowers the levels of blood sugar and insulin. This is crucial for people who suffer from diabetes (estimated 415 million in the world) who might lower their insulin dosage to 50%. Having better insulin resistance and a more stable blood sugar level is also great for other things, like your mood. 

It Removes Process Sugar

Processed sugar is everywhere. We all know it’s in candy, soda, and other obvious foods, but did you know that companies are starting to add sugar to almost everything? When you’re eating a keto diet and paying attention to your food packaging, you’ll start cutting out a lot of foods you had no idea were high in sugar. This is going to help you make healthier food choices. Here‘s best-seller author Dr. Mark Hyman’s notes about breaking a sugar addiction. 

You Don’t Need To Count Calories

Once you enter ketosis, your body will be a fat-burning machine. For one, you’re not likely to eat a ton of calories because fats are filling. On top of that, since they break down more slowly, they keep you full longer. Without cravings and with your appetite decreased, you don’t need to count calories. 

You Don’t NEED To Exercise (Though You Should)

Losing weight by burning fat is no longer a matter of exercise, but of staying in ketosis. That means you’ll be able to lose significant weight without having to work out. That being said, working out is still an important part of living a healthy life. Plus, exercising can actually help you maintain ketosis and allow you to eat a little bit more carbs while staying in a ketogenic state. 

It Removes Sugar Cravings

Sugar is addictive. Eating it makes you crave more of it. Some studied have claimed that sugar is actually 10 times more addictive than cocaine. A keto diet will help you break this sugar addiction and get rid of sugar cravings. This may feel challenging for a while, but once you’re past it, you’ll never look back!

It Reduces Belly Fat

Most of the fat that your body holds as a reservoir is in your lower belly. It could follow a division of subcutaneous (under your skin) and visceral fat. While subcutaneous fat esthetically unpleasant, visceral fat can cause insulin resistance, inflammation and metabolic dysfunction. Following a keto diet, you can start saying goodbye to both.

It Increases Good Cholesterol Levels

Cholesterol could be divided in two categories: HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol). High-Density Lipoprotein level rises with the intake of healthy (non-processed) fat and Low-Density Lipoprotein levels drop. 

The Diet Is An Entry Door For A Lifestyle

Many people who start following a keto diet in order to lose weight end up falling in love with the keto lifestyle. Not only does it offer a ton of awesome benefits, from more energy and a clearer head, but with its rising popularity, there are more options for people doing keto than ever before!

How To Ensure Your Keto Diet Is Healthy

There’s one last topic we need to discuss when we’re asking ourselves if keto diets are healthy: what about dirty keto?

You may have heard about people who are on a keto diet where all they eat are bacon wrapped burgers, minus the bun. How the heck is that healthy?

Well… it’s not. 

Technically, a keto diet is any diet that maintains ketosis, and that’s technically possible on a diet of nothing but bacon and other deep fat fried foods. 

The best way to ensure your keto diet is healthy is to maintain certain rules along with it: 

  • Eat only HEALTHY FATS – so avoid standard vegetable oils and focus on coconut oil, avocado oil, grass fed butter, and olive oil. 
  • Don’t fry your foods – Generally speaking, it’s hard to have a deep fat fried anything and have it be healthy. 
  • Maintain variety in your diet to get all your vitamins and nutrients. Most vegetables can be easily and safely added into a keto diet without kicking you out of ketosis. Just pay attention to their net carbs and make sure you’re still getting 70%+ of your calories from healthy fats. 

Bottom Line: are keto diets healthy?

Yes. Keto diets, if they’re done using healthy fats and avoiding the “dirty keto” craze, are healthy. Ketosis has been shown to have dozens of positive health benefits, from increased energy to weight loss, and from that, a lower likelihood of getting any obesity-related illness. 

The evidence backing up the data shows clearly that a lifestyle based on fat-burning is not only possible but recommendable. Also, as time goes by, laboratories, researchers and doctors keep running tests to prove additional benefits. In fact, the more research we do, the MORE benefits we find to switching to a keto lifestyle!

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