Are Keto Supplements Safe: Everything You Need To Know About This Diet

The keto diet has become really popular throughout the last years. Based on low-carb and high-fat uptake of nutrients, this diet provides lots of benefits to the human body. This is why keto supplements have also gained a lot of popularity. Nowadays, all the more people turn to those supplements in order to get into a state of ketosis quickly and safely. Are keto supplements safe to use regularly? Or are there possible dangers if you use them for a long time?

In order to have a better idea about keto supplements, let us talk a bit about ketosis. What exactly happens to our bodies during this state? Well, most people rely on glucose coming from carbs as the major fuel source. A ketogenic diet limits the number of carbs we receive and forces our body to focus on alternative sources of energy. Burning fats is the first thing our body is going to do when there are no available carbs around. The breakdown of carbs, in turn, produces large quantities of ketone bodies, and our body then gets into a state of ketosis. During that state, our body uses ketone bodies, instead of glucose as the main source of energy. The breakdown of fats results in weight loss without affecting your energy levels or your overall mood.

What are keto supplements?

Ketone bodies can be produced by your own body if you follow some strict dietary guidelines. Otherwise, you can take them from an exogenous source, like keto supplements. From the two basic ketone bodies, we are aware of nowadays, only the beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone in contained in supplements. The other main molecule, known as acetoacetate is not stable outside our bodies. Ketone supplements typically contain sufficient quantities of the beta-hydroxybutyrate ketone.

The two major types of keto supplements

There are two main types of supplements, ketone esters, and ketone salts. Depending on the type of molecule they are linked to, ketone bodies belong to one of the two categories. Both types of ketone bodies can increase the levels of ketones in our bodies and bring us in the state of ketosis. That is really beneficial for those of you wishing to increase the levels of ketones in your body without having to follow a certain diet.

Ketone esters

Ketone esters are mainly ketones linked to esters and they are mostly in liquid form. By the time they get into our bloodstream, ketone esters turn into simple ketone bodies, similar to the ones our body naturally produces. Their attachment to esters makes this type of keto supplement capable of raising your blood ketone levels more quickly compared to ketone salts. However, they have quite a heavy taste compared to salts and they are usually a bit more expensive.

Ketone salts

Ketone salts, on the other hand, contain ketone bodies bound to salts, like potassium or calcium salt, and they are normally found in powder form mixed with liquid. They were the first type of exogenous ketone that has been used as a supplement, but they have a quite serious drawback compared to ketone esters. They are not bioidentical to our body’s natural ketones and therefore, your body may be unable to fully use them as a substitute to the natural production of ketones.

Can keto supplements negatively affect our bodies?

Using keto supplements can offer your body the same benefits that normally occur if you follow a ketogenic diet. For example, weight loss is among the most usual goals people wish to accomplish by following such a diet. It is also possible that you receive a supplementary keto product along with a keto diet for optimal results. Following the diet and using a supplement at the same time will not only reduce the time you need to reach ketosis, but it will also lessen the unpleasant effects.

When you start following a different type of diet, it is natural that your body may start to complain at first. It takes some time for our bodies to accustom themselves to the new condition. Particularly if you used to consume a great number of carbs daily, switching to a low-carb diet cannot be easy. As we can see, there are certain symptoms that come from transitioning to a ketogenic diet. Those effects have nothing to do with the keto supplement itself. They are due to this sudden transition. Those symptoms can usually be described in total with the term ”keto flu”. They include bad breath, cramps, diarrhea, or constipation.

Are keto supplements safe?

In some cases, keto supplements can cause some minor disturbance to people. Some users of those supplements have stated that they have experienced stomach aches after receiving the supplements for a long period of time. However, you can easily come over that effect by starting off with a smaller dose and gradually increasing it. For example, you could start with one-half of a serving until you feel like your body can handle some more.

Moreover, ketone salts are by nature capable of making your levels of electrolytes a bit imbalanced. Electrolytes, in particular, are a vital part of our well-being. They take part in various physiological activities of our body and they control the electrical signals that reach our neurons and muscles. For this reason, in some cases, your health care professional may prescribe a certain type of electrolyte to receive along with your keto supplement.

Since ketone salts consist of more sodium compared to ketone esters, they can also increase the blood pressure, and therefore they may be harmful to people suffering from high blood pressure. Moreover, since the keto diet focuses on the lowering of glucose in the form of carbs, some people may experience hypoglycemia, particularly if they are prone to that condition. Dehydration has also been observed in some individuals who received keto supplements for a long time. Thankfully, if you drink a sufficient amount of water daily, you will not have to worry about this side effect.

Why are some consumers still in favor of a natural ketogenic diet?

Most people prefer to follow the traditional way and stick to a natural keto diet instead of consuming keto supplements. We usually find ourselves asking if following a keto diet is healthy. What’s going on with dirty keto?

You may have heard of people following a keto diet who prefer to eat some really weird things regularly, like burgers and slices of bacon. Is that healthy? Well, actually it isn’t. Although technically speaking, those people can still achieve ketosis with these eating habits, they will probably suffer from other health issues in the long run. For example, their cholesterol levels may increase considerably.

The best way you can ensure that you reach the state of ketosis in a healthy way is by following a balanced and healthy diet, based on the basics of the ketogenic diet. You need to focus on consuming healthy fats, like avocado oil, olive oil instead of standard vegetable oils. You should also avoid frying your meals. But most importantly, maintain variety in your daily dietary program. Include lots of vitamins, mostly in the form of vegetables. However, pay attention to their net carbs in order to ensure that you can safely add them to your diet.

How about keto supplements?

If you go on keto supplements instead of diet, you will not have to worry about eating healthily. That is why many people prefer to use supplements instead of making a strict daily dietary plan. However, we should always have in mind that the natural solution is usually the best. Although keto supplements are in general, considered a safe alternative with no major side effects, they are still offering your body an exogenous source of ketones.

Keto supplements typically elevate the levels of ketones in our blood quickly enough. However, some nutritionists share the opinion that they cannot impact your body the same way as getting ketones via your daily eating habits. After all, natural ways always work best. We could think of the whole issue like taking a vitamin C supplement. The natural solution is to regularly consume a couple of oranges, strawberries, or similar fruits.

Are keto supplements safer than a keto diet?

Which is better? Well, most of you will opt for the natural way. And you are definitely right. Following a healthy diet specifically designed towards your current needs is always the best option. That is true with the whole ketogenic issue, as well. Keto supplements can actually be really effective and safe alternatives to following certain nutrition options. However, in some people, it can be less effective than allowing their body to produce ketones on its own.

In each case, the key to success lies in your persistence and overall effort. Choosing to start a new diet and sticking to it is definitely not that easy. It requires some patience and small steps before you are able to observe the first positive results. It is also good to know from beforehand that cutting carbs can impact your body in various ways at first.

You may experience some mild vitamin deficiency, mainly because some vitamins, like B5 or B7, are found primarily in grains. Since a keto diet contains a restricted amount of carbs, it is natural that you may not receive sufficient quantities. Moreover, constipation is quite usual, as well. The use of magnesium can really help you in that field.

Bottom line

It is true that keto supplements have gained a lot of popularity over the last years. After all, many of us prefer to experience some first good results as soon as possible when we follow a certain diet. However, those supplements are also associated with some minor, yet present side effects. Those effects may not be that serious, but they can still be annoying. On the other hand, following a natural keto diet that includes lots of healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables can be the change you have longed for your entire life.

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