Fat Bombs Before Bed


When you’re following a Keto diet you might find yourself having trouble meeting your fat macros and this has led to some people choosing to add in a snack known as a fat bomb or a Keto bomb.  But what is a fat bomb, and when is the best time to eat one?  The following article will explain the potential benefits and drawbacks of eating fat bombs before bedtime so you can make an informed decision regarding your Keto diet.

What are fat bombs?

Fat bombs have become popular in recent years thanks to social media.  Everywhere you look you see photos of delicious, drool worthy full-fat balls.  Some are made to satisfy a sweet tooth by replicating a cookie or some chocolatey fudge; while, others cater more towards the savory side with pizza toppings and tons of cheese.  What these fat bombs all have in common is that they’re almost entirely made of fat and they can help you reach your Keto macros.

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The ingredients in Keto fat bombs vary depending on the flavor that you’re looking to achieve.  Some common ingredients are: coconut oil, butter, lard, coconut butter, MCT oil, heavy cream, Keto friendly flours such as almond and coconut flour, cream cheese, berries, cocoa powder and nuts.

No matter what flavor you’re going with, your fat bombs will have healthy fats and some sort of binder (Keto-friendly flours or shredded coconut for example).  Sweeter fat bombs that mimic deserts will have sugar-free sweeteners such as Stevia while more savory varieties might add cheese, pepperoni, olives or bacon.

One of the biggest advantages to fat bombs is that they’re usually no-bake recipes.  This means that all you need to do is mix the ingredients together, roll out your balls and stick them in the fridge to harden.  That’s it.  And since they don’t require baking you can usually whip up a batch in under 10 minutes which is something even the busiest of us have time for.

They’re also very versatile.  Don’t have coconut oil?  You can sub in avocado oil or MCT oil.  Want your fat bombs to have a little more protein?  Toss in some bacon.  Are you looking for a little bit of crunch?  Roll your balls in crushed nuts.  Whatever you’re craving, there’s a fat bomb recipient that’ll crush it.

Are fat bombs the same as protein balls or energy balls?

While these two share a similar shape and often some similar ingredients, Keto bombs and protein balls are not the same thing.   They’re both easy to make, often no-bake and they both contain healthy fats; however, the similarities end there.

The key is in the name.  Protein balls are loaded with ingredients such as protein powder in order to help you increase your protein intake.  They often contain a little bit of healthy fats.  Fat bombs on the other hand are mainly healthy fats with a little bit of protein.

Although you want to eat a moderate amount of protein on Keto, you’re better off making fat bombs over protein balls.  Too much protein can kick your body out of ketosis by creating excess glucose so it’s important to watch your protein macros carefully.

Why should you eat fat bombs on Keto?

Fat bombs are a great addition to your Keto diet.  Keto requires that you consume a whopping 70-75% of your calories from fat.  This can be hard for some people to do since there are only so many avocados you can eat in a day.  Keto fat bombs allow you to have a quick, easy boost of fat whenever you need it.

The healthy fats in fat bombs help your body stay in ketosis so you can keep seeing great Keto results.  Your body turns the healthy fats into ketones in your liver which keeps you in ketosis.  Ketones allow you to properly fuel every part of your body leaving you energized and clear of brain fog.  The fat in fat bombs also helps keep you full since fat is an extremely calorie dense food.

Since fat bombs are made from ingredients that you probably already have on hand for your Keto meals, they’re relatively easy to make and require very little time or forethought on your part.  Most of the Keto fat bomb recipes are no-bake which means that you don’t even have to turn on the oven to create them.  There are plenty that have 5 ingredients or fewer and they can even be stored in the freezer allowing you to mix up a batch and have access to them anytime you’re in danger of not eating enough fat.

Because you control the ingredients that go into your fat bombs, they’re a much healthier option than store-bought Keto-snacks.  This also allows you to change the recipe based on your current cravings.  If you’re missing your chocolatey sweet treats you can just whip up a batch of fudge flavored fat bombs.  If you’re really craving pizza and you don’t want to make a keto-friendly crust, just toss some healthy fats, olives, peperoni and cheese in a pizza flavoured fat bomb.

The key with Keto fat bombs, as with most foods, is moderation.  If the craving you’re trying to satisfy is cookies, for example, and you normally would eat a half dozen, then fat bombs might not be the best replacement.  Alone, most Keto fat bombs come in at 150-200 calories which really isn’t much, but if you were to eat a half dozen of them, you’d be looking at a whopping 900-1200 calories!  Too much of a good thing can hurt you so stick with one or two of these tasty treats.

Benefits of fat bombs at bedtime

There is no set time to eat fat bombs; however, if you’re wondering if they’re okay to eat at nighttime, the answer is yes.  Fat bombs fill you up.  Simply popping a quick bomb in your mouth can help ward off hunger pains as you drift off to sleep.

They’re also helpful for combating cravings.  The majority of people experience more food related cravings at the arrival of night.  Your body and brain have made so many decisions over the course of the day that you’re left with decision fatigue and your willpower is at its lowest.  This can lead to you indulging in foods that you wouldn’t think of touching earlier in the day.

If you find yourself falling into this trap ask yourself what foods you tend to crave, and create some fat bombs that mimic the taste of those foods.  This works especially well if you crave sweets at the end of the day. If you tend to crave more salty and crunchy foods then fat bombs with bacon, nuts, seeds and shredded coconut might help. Fat bombs allow you to satisfy those cravings without eating foods that would kick your body out of ketosis.

Eating fat bombs at night can help your body continue its ketone production as you sleep.  This could allow you to wake up feeling energized because your body has the fuel it needs for the start of your next day.

One of the biggest reasons that people eat fat bombs is because they help you reach your macro goals quickly.  Since many people add up their nutrients at the end of the day as opposed to as the day goes on, this can lead to you reaching bedtime and realizing that you didn’t eat enough fat that day.  Instead of panicking and trying to cook yourself a fat-filled meal, a quick couple of fat bombs can help you reach that goal, especially if they were made ahead of time.

Drawbacks of fat bombs at bedtime

Although it’s perfectly fine to eat fat bombs before bedtime, there are some potential drawbacks.  The first is that fat bombs are designed to give your body energy which is why many people start off their day with a few.  This burst of energy is great at breakfast or for your mid-afternoon slump; however, some people find that eating fat bombs before bed keeps them awake.  The only way to know if this will affect you is to try it.  If you find yourself having trouble sleeping, maybe eat them a little earlier in the night or try working off that extra energy with some evening exercise.

Another thing to be mindful of when eating fat bombs at night is your daily calories.  If you’ve already hit your calorie goal for the day then adding fat bombs in at night-time is a bad idea.  Yes, you might be combatting your cravings by eating a healthier option; however, fat bombs are very calorie dense and can easily cause you to gain weight If you eat to many.  Moderation is key.  One or two fat bombs to combat a craving may not do any harm; however, a whole tray full will do more harm than good.


Fat bombs can be a great way to satisfy cravings and reach your Keto macros before you head to bed.  Just be sure that you eat them in moderation, and only if you really need them.  If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping it might be a better idea to try and fit them in earlier in the day for a boost of energy.

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