Is Protein Powder Keto?

The Keto diet is a high-fat, low carb diet that’s becoming increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the approval of celebrities, athletes and chefs.  It has strict rules when it comes to the amount of fat, carbs and protein that you’re allowed so it stands to reason that you might be wondering where your favorite morning protein shake fits in. 

The good news is protein powder is definitely Keto-friendly! However, not every protein powder fits in with the rules of Keto so read on to discover which protein powders are best and how to incorporate protein powder into your Keto meal plan.

Protein on Keto

When it comes to macronutrients, the ratios really count.  If you want to be successful at your Keto diet then you need to keep your fat ratio to 80-85% of your daily calories as well as limiting your carbohydrates to 5-10% of your daily calories.  So where does this leave protein?

Protein is still an important part of your Keto.  It’s not just the “leftover” calories that aren’t being distributed to either carbs or fats.  It’s important to consciously track your protein and ensure that it’s coming from quality sources.

Protein can be used by your body to create glucose, so it’s important to limit your protein intake to a moderate 20-25% of the calories that you consume.  This way you don’t accidentally kick your body out of ketosis.  However, it’s also important to get enough protein.  Protein contains the building blocks for muscle so if you’re interested in gaining muscle or exercising while on Keto you need to be sure that you’re getting enough.

Some good sources of protein on Keto are lean meats, chicken, turkey, and fish.  These contain the protein that your body needs while limiting the number of saturated fats.  Some non-meat sources of protein that you can enjoy include nutritional yeast, tofu and protein powder.

Is protein powder Keto?

Protein powder is a great option for getting good quality protein while on the Keto diet.  It’s a versatile food that can be mixed with a variety of ingredients to give you the protein boost you need when you need it.  Different brands and types have different amounts of carbs; however, it’s easy to find low-carb, Keto-friendly options.

One of the best features of protein powder is that it gives you the ability to be precise about your measurements.  Your macros matter more in Keto than in almost any other diet.  They’re all important and they all play a role which means it’s a delicate balancing act.  Protein powder can help you get accurate measurements of exactly how much protein you’re ingesting.  This can be slightly more complicated with meat sources where you know roughly how much protein is in a 3oz serving, but it’s impossible to know for sure.  With protein powder, every scoop is carefully accounted for.

It’s not just the protein that makes protein powder an asset to your nutritional tracking.  Every ingredient in protein powder is clearly labeled and accounted for.  You can get protein powder that has vitamins added, protein powder that’s completely carb free, and protein powder that has electrolytes or minerals added in.

Protein powder can also help you if you’re using the Keto diet as a means of losing weight.  When you hit a weight loss plateau a boost of protein can help you break out and start seeing weight loss results again.  It’s also important for helping you build muscle and as you may know, muscle burns more calories than fat so the higher your muscle mass, the greater your calorie burn and the more weight you’ll be able to lose. 

Best protein powders for the Keto diet

Although protein powder is a great option on Keto, not every protein powder is created equally.  There are plenty out there that are too high in carbs to be Keto-friendly.  It’s important to look at the nutrition label on every item of food that you plan on eating, and this is no different with protein powders.

The following are some of the best protein powders to incorporate into your Keto meal plan.

  •  Ketologie Chocolate Keto shake: geared towards those on the Keto diet, this shake is made of 75% fat that’s sourced from coconut oil.  There are 14g of collagen protein in one serving and less than 2% of the calories in a serving come from carbs.
  • Isopure Zero Carbs: As the name suggests, this protein powder contains no carbs whatsoever.  This makes it the idea choice for those on the Keto diet.  With 25g of protein and some unique tasty flavors such as cookies and cream, this protein shake is a must try.
  • Preferred Elements Keyto Collagen Powder: This powder is low in calories and carbs with only 80 cal and 2g of net carbs per serving.  You get a healthy dose of MCT oil as well as 10g of protein with this Keto-friendly protein powder.
  • Finaflex 100% Keto: If you’re searching for a complete meal replacement shake, this is a great option.  It’s tasty, low-carb and offers up a whopping 20g of protein per serving. This meal replacement shake was designed with the Keto ratios in mind and contains 75% fat, 20% protein and 5% carbs.
  • Ancient Nutrition Keto Collagen: This protein powder has zero carbs so that makes it the perfect choice for those on Keto.  It’s a great source of collagen-based protein with 15g of protein per serving.  It also has healthy fats and MCT oil in order to help you get the fats your Keto diet requires.

Protein powder shakes on Keto

One of the most common ways to eat protein powder is in shake.  Whether it’s a quick breakfast, an after-workout snack or a complete meal replacement, protein shakes are an easy way to get the nutrition that you need.  They’re quick to prepare, easy to bring with you anywhere and very adaptable to a wide range of diets and meal plans.  This makes them perfect for Keto.  If you’ve already started your Keto diet then you might have noticed that it can be hard to juggle your tracking, meal prep and nutrition.  Adding a quick Keto-friendly shake can be a great way to simplify this sometimes challenging diet.  All you do is grab some Keto-friendly milk or water, add in your powder and shake or blend with some ice. 

Great Keto additions to your protein shake

The adaptability of protein shakes is one of their selling features.  In order to make your simple protein shake perfect for your Keto meal plan you should consider adding a few of the following ingredients for a boost of nutrients and healthy fats.

  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Help seeds
  • Coconut oil
  • Almond butter
  • Berries
  • Leafy greens such as spinach or kale
  • Avocado
  • Greek yogurt

What kind of milk should I use in my Keto protein shake?

Dairy milk is allowed on the Keto diet; however, you need to be sure that the milk you’re adding is full-fat, organic and grass fed.  You can also use cream in the place of milk if you want to stick with dairy.  If you’re looking for a dairy free option, there are plenty of great Keto-friendly milks on the market today. 

Nut milks such as coconut and almond milk are readily available in stores.  There are also hemp milks and soy-based milks that you can get to use in your protein shake.  One of the simplest alternatives to dairy milk is water.  A little bit of water and ice can make a delicious protein shake, especially if you add a dash of spices such as cinnamon or vanilla.

Other uses of protein powder on Keto

Although protein shakes are the most common way to use protein powder on the Keto diet, the ingredient is very versatile, and you’d be surprised at the ways you can add it into your Keto!  Protein powder can be used as a substitute for flour in some Keto baking or cooking recipes.  The texture is similar, and it gives you a boost of protein (and sometimes fat) without the carbs.  You can also use it to replicate the texture of a deep-fried breading.  Instead of using Panko or another form of breadcrumbs, rolling your food in protein powder can closely mimic the crunch you’d get with more carb-loaded options.

Protein powder can also be used in Keto-friendly desserts.  A little bit of protein powder, nut milk and chia seeds placed in the fridge for a few hours makes an easy, healthy chia seed pudding.  Protein powder also blends nicely into brownies, cakes, cookies and muffins.  If you use your imagination the ways that you can incorporate protein powder into your meals and recipes is endless.


As long as your protein powder is low in carbs it makes a great addition to your Keto diet.  It’s versatile, quick and easy to use in order to give your diet the boost of healthy protein it needs.  A lot of protein powders are also geared specifically towards Keto dieters and contain a large helping of fats alongside important vitamins and minerals.  If you find yourself struggling to get enough healthy protein in your diet or you’re having a hard time tracking your macros you might want to try substituting a meal a day for an easy, tasty protein shake.

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