Will Keto Make Me Fat – Let’s Take A Look

A Keto diet is considered effective for weight loss. But some experience weight gain after following this diet. They keep asking: will keto make me fat? Yes, the keto diet can make you fat. The problem is not with the diet. The problem is with your diet management. 

A keto diet focuses more on fat consumption and less on carbs. It will enable your body to enter into a ketosis state. During this state, your body will use fat to generate energy. As a result, there will be no fat deposit and you will start losing your weight gradually. But when you do not follow your keto diet in the right way, you can expect an adverse result. Instead of losing stubborn fat, you can experience weight gain. 

If you are going through this, just read the following article to know how to use a keto diet to target the stubborn fat, and which mistakes can lead to weight gain.

Are You Following The Wrong Keto Diet?

Have you done proper research on the diet before choosing it? People believe that they can enter the ketosis state and will lose weight within a few weeks. But they make a mistake by not following the diet the right way. 

So, first, you should know how to get into the right keto. For this, you need to focus on macronutrient consumption. You should know how much fat, protein, and carbs you need to add in your diet. This is the key to get the benefits of a keto diet. A proper combination is a must to enter into a ketosis state. Inadequate calorie intake will offer adverse results. Your carbs intake should not be more than twenty to thirty grams per day.

Also, you should know when your body will enter into the ketosis state. Once your body enters this state, the liver will start producing more ketones to keep your body and mind energetic. There are many ways to test the ketones in your body. Ketone urine strips are available to know the ketone amount in your body. This is easy to use and affordable. But urine tests might not offer the most accurate result. The reason is that it will only monitor the unused ketones. Therefore, the strips can be darker even if you have just started the diet.

For an accurate result, you can consider ketone breath meters. All you need to do is to blow into that meter and then measure the acetone amount in the breath. This test will help you to know if you are in a ketosis state or not. Needless to say, you are not going to lose weight unless your body enters into the ketosis state. 

For the best accuracy, you can try blood meters. According to experts, this is the best way to access the ketones. Also, this is easy and can be done by everyone. You need to draw your blood and then read the ketone amounts in the blood. However, you are going to spend much more on the blood strips. This is why many prefer urine tests.

If you do not want to try any of these devices to know the ketones level in your blood, you can consider some natural ways to understand your body. Here are a few signs that might indicate that your body has entered into the ketosis state.

  • Less hunger and less sweet craving
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • More energy and activeness
  • Weight loss
  • Strong fruity or metallic smelling breath

If you are experiencing all the above conditions, then it might be the indication that you are following the right diet. When none of these are happening, you can do any of the above tests to know the ketone levels in your body. You can also check your diet to know the reason for diet failure.

Too Much Eating Can Cause Weight Gain

Even if you are on a keto diet, you will have to follow the portion control. You cannot eat mindlessly. The key is to watch your calories. You should know that fat contains more than double calories than carbs and protein. While choosing calories for your daily diet, you will have to consider your weight. 

A 150-pound and 200-pound person cannot eat the same amount of calories. Know your body demands and then know how much calories you need to stay active throughout the day. Also, you need to focus on calorie sources. You will have to get twenty percent calories from protein, seventy-five percent from fat, and five percent from carbs. You need to drink plenty of water to support the weight loss process, as well.

Not Eating Enough Can Also Lead to Weight Gain

You might be thinking that you will have to eat less to lose weight while following a keto diet. However, this could actually backfire. Both overeating and undereating can cause weight gain. So, you should know how much you should eat to speed up weight loss. Just imagine what will happen if you cut calorie consumption excessively. Your body will enter into the starvation mode. As a result, the metabolic rate will drop to ensure normal body functions and protect your vital organs.

If you want to get the benefits of the keto diet, you will have to eat the right quantity. Otherwise, you can experience adverse results. Your body needs a good combination of healthy foods. When it comes to calories, the quality will matter more than its quantity. You will need a perfect diet that combines high fat, low carb, and moderate protein.

You can consider using a calculator to track the calorie amount that your body requires to target one pound in a week. Stick to that diet to get the desired benefits. You will have to set macro goals by following a healthy keto diet that includes avocados, eggs, and coconut oil.

Protein Intake Is Not The Biggest Priority

People often believe that a keto diet is a high-protein diet. But in reality, it is a high-fat diet and you need to add moderate protein to get the benefits. As stated earlier, you will have to ensure that twenty percent of your calories are coming from protein. Consuming too much protein can actually lead to weight gain. 

Your body will convert extra protein into carbs (sugar) and it will not use fat for the energy, which will make you gain weight instead of lose it. So, make sure that you are only eating a moderate amount of protein that includes eggs, fish, and meat. You can also consider some incomplete protein such as vegetables and nuts.

You Are Eating More Carbs

While following a keto diet, you might find it tricky to consume the right amount of the carbs. These carbs are hidden in most of your favorite foods such as nuts, dairy, green beans, and leafy veggies. Also, you need to eat only twenty to thirty carbs per day. So, you will have to check your carb intake to ensure that you are not exceeding the limit. Focus more on the low carb foods such as avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and leafy greens. You should not forget to take note of your sugary drink intakes. Overeating carbs is one of the leading causes of weight gain on a keto diet. 

Not Choosing the Right Fat

As mentioned above, keto is a high-fat diet, but you need to choose quality fats to make it more effective. You will find different types of fats and some of them are anti-inflammatory. You can consider adding some healthy unsaturated fats that include nuts, avocados, olive oil, tofu, and seeds. But make sure that you are eating a high amount of saturated fats such as oils, cocoa butter, lard, and butter, and avoid unhealthy processed fats like vegetable oil.

How to Maximize the Benefits of A Keto Diet

A Keto diet is an easy-to-follow diet. You can expect all the benefits by focusing on the right food. Know the number of calories you need and focus on a good combination of fat, protein, and carbs. Prepare your mind for the diet. More importantly, make sure that you are going to follow this diet for a couple of months minimum to get the benefits. First, your body needs to enter into the ketosis state, and only then will it start using fat for energy. In addition to a keto diet, you can consider intermittent fasting to boost the ketone production in your body.

Wrapping Up

A keto diet can be healthy when chosen properly. If you do not eat right, you run the risk of gaining weight. If you want to follow a keto diet to lose weight, then make sure that you are adding the required amount of the fats, protein, and carbs to your diet. This is the simple way to enable your body to enter into the ketosis state. Be consistent and witness the transformation of your body!

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